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Handling Anxiety





Have you ever felt jittery for no reason? Or being restless but attributed it to the copious amount of coffee you ingest in 24 hours? Maybe even felt heart palpitations or felt flushed for no reason? These are symptoms of anxiety. However, DON’T BE ALARMED! Anxiety is one of the most common mental disorders, highly treatable, manageable and preventable.


One of the most accessible and doable methods for keeping anxiety at bad is maintaining a healthy diet. A regular healthy diet includes your lean protein (chicken, turkey, quinoa, beans etc.), healthy fats (nuts/oils), high nutrient carbs, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. But, one should avoid salt, sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Too much of everything is detrimental.

What happens in your body when you ingest one of these four. After consuming a large amount of salt, energy is released in blood veins resulting in high blood pressure and consequently restlessness. While sugar prompts short bursts of energy that leave you sluggish and tired. Caffeine causes jitters and alcohol, especially binge drinking leads to anxiety.


Instead, one can stock up on Omega 3 fatty acids found in salmon or halibut, STAY HYDRATED so you do not get cranky and drink chamomile tea which calms nerves. Why do you think the frog sips tea? To stay calm instead of getting worked up #ButThisIsNoneOfMyBusiness


Take a moment to appreciate the leaves and their changing foliage. Their bright colors can lift spirits and foster a smile. Venture out for a study break and just take a few minutes admiring them; it just might be the emotional boost you need.


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