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Why It’s OK Not to Have A Summer Internship the Summer Before Junior Year

Getting an internship has become more common and more competitive in the last few years than it ever has been. If you talk to your parents, it’s probably unlikely that they ever had, or for that matter, had to do, an internship before graduating from college. However, recently it has become something that is almost necessary prior to graduation, as it gives you a big leg up in the job search. That being said, students are beginning to get internships earlier and earlier. Here are a few reasons why not having an internship the summer before junior year is totally ok!

  1. You get to ENJOY your summer. This is most likely one of your last summer’s before you head off into the real world and don’t get to enjoy as many summer activities, so why not enjoy it? Find a fun summer job, that you won’t dread going to. Maybe that means working at a summer camp, an ice cream shop, or nannying. Regardless, find something that will be enjoyable!

  2. You’ve still got tons of time to do an internship. Not all internships have to be done during the summer. Some people do one for a week during spring break, or they do one for a few weeks during the long winter break. Either of those times are great options, and ones that are most likely less competitive too!

  3. You can gain invaluable experiences at summer jobs. Whether you’re working with kids, or unhappy customers at a retail clothing store, these lessons can be valuable to future jobs. I worked as the manager at an ice cream shop for a few summers, so I was dealing with difficult customers on a daily basis. Having that experience and learning how to interact with unhappy customers helped me land a great internship!


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