Top Tips For Slowing Down During a Crazy Day

1.     Alone time

Set a 5, 10, or 15- minute timer to chill out alone, or use the Headspace or Calm apps on any iPhone or Apple product for easy and fast guided meditations.

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2.     Hydration and Nutrition

Drink lots of water and eat every few hours to maintain energy.

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3.     Take small breaks

Don’t load up on caffeine to get you through the day. Instead, try going for a walk outside, listen to a playlist or a podcast you’ve been meaning to look at, or call a friend from home to catch up (or your mom!).

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4.     Stay awake!

Try not to nap. The temptation can be real sometimes, but usually mid-day naps just have you feeling even more tired than you were before, not to mention napping really messes with your natural sleep cycle!

5.     Recognize tiny wins

Pat yourself on the back for small accomplishments-- instant mood booster!

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6.     Keep moving

Go to the gym at a time when it is not as busy (mid-morning or late at night). Taking the time to do something for your body-- even when you are super busy-- will be great for your overall health in the long term and will help relieve stress. The endorphins from a run or a quick workout will have you feeling energetic enough to conquer the rest of the day or night!

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7.    Early to bed, early to rise...

 Try to get to bed earlier. This is kind of a no-brainer, but the more rest you get, the better your next day will be.

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