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Finals Are Coming! How To De-Stress As Exams Are Approaching

Whether you’re a freshman, a senior, or anyone in between, the time of finals is never easy. We all come back from Thanksgiving in the “break” mood, and it’s so hard to adjust to focus mode for the finals that are right around the corner. The stress can sometimes be overwhelming! Here are ways to de-stress before finals week hits us. Since studying is inevitable…here are some awesome ways to de-stress in between your study sessions and/or after you’ve finished studying!

Have a girls night! Sometimes there is no better way to de-stress than to gather up some of your friends, some popcorn or ice cream, and some good old fashioned movies or tv shows to binge watch (Sex and the City, Grey’s Anatomy, The Notebook, Step Brothers, etc).

Go for a run! Sometimes heading to the gym and getting in a good (sometimes even a quick) workout can take your stress level from 100 to ZERO (or at least somewhere in between). Get your endorphins up there and take your stress down a notch. Hitting the sauna afterwards (if you can) makes it even better!

Get a good playlist going! Nothing makes finals and studying more relaxing than a soothing playlist. Whether you’re hiding out in the library or posting up at a table at the local coffee shop, the music you listen to can make all the difference. Some awesome artists to check out while you’re diving into your notes are Kodaline, Jaymes Young, Oh Wonder, Ed Sheeran, The Lumineers, and Bon Iver (just to name a few). However, f you don’t like listening to music that has lyrics while you’re trying to study, check out the “Beats for Studying” playlist on Pandora! Also consider checking out our previous article called “5 Spotify Playlists Every College Girl Should Have” for some more ideas!

Prep some good study snacks! It is no doubt that food makes everything better, so head on over to our previous article “Best Study Snacks for Optimal Brainpower” to gather some tips on what to make before your night-long study sesh.

These are only a few ways to de-stress, but I promise they are some of the most beneficial and effective ways to calm down when finals come around! Study as hard as you can, but don’t forget that we all need a break! Good luck to everyone and happy de-stressing :)

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