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What Are Gratitude Journals and How to Use Them

Like many other kinds of journaling, gratitude journals are a mindful approach to incorporate into our everyday lives. Gratitude journals are exactly what they sound like–journals that allow us to record and reflect on the big and small things we are thankful for each day. It is so easy to practice journaling, and a gratitude journal has many benefits.

Gratitude journals allow us to recognize and appreciate even the small things in life that make our days better. They can be a list of things, or events written daily. For example, after a long day I could sit and write “I am grateful for my mom, my friends, and getting to relax today.” Something as small as having a moment to rest on a tough day is worth writing down because it allows you to appreciate it more. That way, later on, it allows you to reflect on the things that brought you joy. Once you are able to record these moments, you are able to recognize and appreciate them more.

Gratitude journals can be practiced in an actual notebook, or even just a piece of paper. The best part about this method of journaling is that it is very accessible and easy. Gratitude journaling can also be an easy way to get deeper into journaling, such as bullet journaling or idea journaling. The more that we recognize daily occurrences that make our lives better, the more appreciation and gratitude we can have for our lives.

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