So What Are You Wearing?: An Undie Talk

There a literally a thousand places that people can go pick up a pair of undies and throw them on. Sadly though, not all undies are created equal and that is just a fact. It really begins to beg the question of are people wearing the best undies for them. Let’s get to the basics there are a few types of styles to choose from: hipster, cheeky, bikini, boy short, thong, j-string, and high waisted. Every woman has her preference especially when it comes to specific outfits and this comes into play. So where does everyone go to get their underwear? Does everyone like their underwear? Who has the cutest and most comfy underwear? These are real questions that everyone has, but very few rarely address.


So instead of using underwear as a form of softcore porn there needs to be a serious conversation about what style and fabric sits the best. There have been a series of studies that have been done on fabric and the breathability of different kinds. The fabric that is known to be safest and most moisture friendly is cotton. For anyone who has been stuck in a weird situation where there may be some moisture building, there is always a silent dread. Not saying that the stigma around vaginal odor isn’t wrong, but for many people it is a personal concern. Cotton underwear by all means need to become a staple in the undie drawer if that is the case.


Now, this does leave a lot of questions about lace and those ladies that like to wear something a little slinker. The issue isn’t that lace doesn’t breathe, but that they commonly do not last very long. Most lace is made of very thin stitches of fabric that aren’t met for the everyday use so, simply no one should be wearing their lace underwear on the regular. In combination to wear of course comes the wash to keep them clean. (PRO TIP: Hand wash and dry those suckers, you can probably get a better clean from it and they will last longer). Keep in mind lace for a on time was exclusively used in lingerie type of underwear and in the last few decades melted into regular undies.

Anything that is predominately rayon or polyester are fabrics you need to steer clear of if staying dry is a priority. These fabrics are known for their insulation and for those that sweat their worst nightmare. Your nether region should always be dry and clean, just to stay healthy.  When moisture starts to collect so does bacteria and it will result in an infection, so beware. It is extremely important to pay attention to not only what you are putting into your body, but on it as well. Keeping in mind that though things may be sold in stores, does not always mean that those are the products that are best for you.


The way things are going most people only pay attention to how their underwear look and cost versus what it was made of and quality. Victoria’s Secret, Aerie, Third Love, Target, H&M, meundies, Calvin Klein, Everlane, and Amazon, are all places that sell quality underwear that will last and be comfortable. All of these places vary in price, size, color and availability. It is time to choose underwear that are best for you.