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Do you love to eat snacks but find it hard for you to find the perfect snacks that are also healthy?  There are so many options to choose from that you may just be overlooking them and going for what you know. Well, here are some snacks that I personally buy and find really complete my day.

Nuts & Seeds

There are a number of nuts that surpass the debate about peanuts or almonds, that have a lot of nutritional value. Pumpkin seeds have the highest amount of protein compared to all other nuts and seeds. Plus, they are super thin and yummy when lightly salted and roasted. Sunflower seeds are also full of good vitamins and proteins your body needs to get through the day. There is also the pistachio, which some people do not think about more than ice cream, but these little green nuts are everything. Do to all the recent buzz they have been getting plenty of places to carry them and are perfect for on the move travel.

Luna Bar

If you do not eat regular meals then some kind of protein bar has to be in your bag on a daily basis to keep your calories up. This bar is made with rice crispies and real fruit to make for a good clean snack. They aren’t bulky, don't have a weird taste like other protein bars and though they only have 8g of protein in comparison to other bars that is plenty. They are ran by the same company that makes Clif bars as well which is another great alternative.

Apple Sauce  

So this may sound strange because when most people think of applesauce they think of little kiddies, but trust it is the snack on the go you have been dying for. It is refreshing, quick to eat and just overall satisfying. There are all kinds of companies that specialize in applesauce and apple sauce combinations like apple berry sauce or apple banana. You shouldn’t feel like trash after you eat something, but feel energized and ready to tackle the rest of your day.

Fruit With Chile

A personal favorite and one that I feel anyone can really enjoy at any time of the day. Fruit is so simple, cheap and easy to prepare for the day. It is best if you know what fruits are in season and grown in your state. It is important to eat produce that is grown locally because of pollen and water being different state to state. So get to a grocery store to pick up your favorites and add some chile. The chile I pick up is Tajin and usually the one with less sodium so I don’t feel bad putting it on my fuit. Great for mornings or lunch time to really fill out your day; my motto is your should try to eat at least 3-5 colors a day.

70% and Up Cocoa Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate when eaten in good doses can really benefit your health in the long run by  providing antioxidants, lowering blood pressure, and help your skin. It is beautiful because dark chocolate can be found virtually anywhere and is made by almost every chocolate brand. The best dark chocolate for your health is one that is the most pure in chocolate and has the least amount of sugar.

Snacks are great and really do help your day because eating does produce serotonin in your brain which is the brain chemical that makes you happy. It is a good to also keep your self fed, it is common that when you get older as you adjust to a constant  schedule that you will forget to eat. Don’t let it happen by packing yourself snacks for the day and getting snacks that won’t make you feel sluggish or gross after you eat them.

London-Calderon is a Senior at St. John's University and is EIC for the chapter. She spends her time writing, listening to music and working on several unfinished books. When she graduates she plans on going into the workforce and reporting for a publication. She is also an intern at Newsday Media. 
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