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Meet Andrett!

Everyone, meet Andrett! This fun and outgoing senior is the literal defintion of a busy bee! Learn more about how she juggles school and working for Bumble! 

Name: Andrett Urias

Age: 21

Hometown: El Paso, Tx

Major: Marketing

Year: Senior, Class of 2018


Delta Sigma Pi- Theta Omega

The American Marketing Association

 SEU Foklorico Dance Team

How many hours are you taking: 18

What classes are you enrolled in:

Buyer Behavior

Marketing Research and Analytics

Management Operations

International Marketing

Contemporary Biology

Business Law  

What is your most difficult class and why: Marketing Research and Analytics. It is a  super busy class and if I’m being honest, numbers are not my forte. (Girl, SAME)

How did you find your internship: After working a great internship this summer, I knew I was ready to tap into a new job field. I found myself on Indeed, browsing for fall internships. I was on the lookout for a company whose purpose and mission really spoke out to me. I came across my internship position on Indeed and immediately applied. Within a few days, I had a phone interview and then an in-office interview.

Why did you want to work for Bumble: As I was preparing for my interview at Bumble, I researched the company across many different platforms to learn more about the company values and culture. The more I looked into Bumble, the more I wanted to land the job. Their empowering culture was something that really stood out to me, especially being a woman trying to tap into the tech industry. Bumble was breaking barriers and I wanted to be a part of it.

How many hours do you work a week: I work about 15-20 hours a week

What is your favorite thing about working for Bumble: My favorite thing about working for Bumble is the office culture and the fast-paced work environment. Every day at work is different than the previous, and that something I really enjoy. I have worked other internships before but, nothing compares to the office culture that we have. I find myself in awe of the women and men I work with, and I find myself aspiring to be as kick ass as they are. Everyone works really hard and bets of all, everyone works together. There is always room for new ideas and new ways to grow. All of the hard work does not go unnoticed, as we get catered food for lunch every day and manicures/blowouts every other Friday. Working at the Hive is great, we are all busy bee’s.

What is the most difficult thing about working for Bumble: For me, the most difficult thing about working for Bumble is, the morning commutes. Traffic is absolutely terrible and with all the construction going on, my commute is very stressful.

Advice time!

How do you manage both school and your internship: It’s not easy and sleep is rare. To be honest, I am really on top of having an organized planner, where I can see what is coming up weeks in advance in my classes. Doing this helps me work ahead so that I am not as stressed out during the week. I work in the mornings and go to school in the afternoons and some days are harder and longer than others but, I love what I do.

What is the best way to schedule your classes to match with a decent work schedule: It’s more feasible to work in the mornings and have classes in the afternoon. This is how I like to structure my days, so I can have my evenings available for extracurricular activities.

What is the best way to manage such a stressful schedule: PLANNERS AND TO-DO LISTS. I make daily to-do lists as well as weekly to-do lists, which help me stay organized and focused on the things I have to get done. There is also something very satisfying about crossing things off a list.

What advice would you give a student who wants to work for Bumble: Apply and be yourself. Bumble is all about individuality and coming together from different backgrounds for one common purpose. Download Bumble and create a Bizz profile!  Everyone in the office is swiping and looking to connect with people!

Fun questions!

Best coffee shop and drink in Austin: Love Mozart’s and the view they have! Simple coffee with cream!

Best happy hour in Austin: Sunday’s at the PARK for $2 Mimosas

Best drink in Austin: Pitaya Margarita from Picnik

Favorite hiking area in Austin: The Greenbelt

Best place to study on campus: Fondren Lawn

Ok most important question, Kerbey or Magnolia queso: Kerbey Queso (UMMM YES, KERBEY IS THE BEST)

Give Andrett a holler on campus or give her a swipe right on Bumble. We promise she doesn’t sting!




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