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6 Tips to Deal with Stress

It’s getting to be that time in the semester when classes start to crack down and you start freaking out about midterms. Here are some helpful tips for an easy way to de-stress and take care of yourself!


Take a giant deep breath (or a couple)

Sometimes it feels as if you can’t seem to catch your breath when the stress starts to pile on, so I recommend taking a couple minutes to just close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Deep breathing can help center yourself and it can also be a time to reevaluate your current situation and the stress that you’re facing.

Take a walk outside without your phone!

Most of the time we are glued to some form of electronic device so getting away from that will help you to de-stress! It will also take some of the strain off of your eyes!


Make a cup of tea (or hot chocolate)!

Even though it’s still relatively hot here drink a warm cup of tea, it will still help calm your nerves! If you aren’t a big fan of tea then hot chocolate should do the trick!



Even though your work might pile up, you need to sleep in order to do well at school! Trying to do school work while you’re stressed/tired is practically impossible to do. Even though you might feel bad about sleeping it will most likely pay off in the long run!


Hang out with your friends!

Taking time out of your day to be with people who you enjoy being around can help you forget about all the stress that you’ve accumulated. Being around people who make you happy can help you realize that life is more than the stress that you have built up.


Listen to music!

Listening to your favorite music can help you get into the right head space to take on the world!

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