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Pancake Day

Pancake day is my favourite day of the year. I mean, I need no justification to eat pancakes at all three meals, but I like the excuse. And here is a way for everyone to enjoy!

Scotch pancakes, also known as drop scones, are the easiest treat suitable for any hour of the day. Especially pancake day. They genuinely take about 5 minutes to make. I especially recommend for birthday treats, as a surprise for ill flatmates, for friends coming over for tea or even as a hangover cure. Add your favourite sweet treats – some (or all) of the following: strawberries, bananas, blueberries, ice cream, maple syrup, ice-cream, golden syrup, and jam. This mixture makes 15-18 pancakes. (Although I like to double it, because, hey, I’m greedy (and so are my flatmates!))


  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 100 g self-raising flour (gluten-free flour also works really well, and makes the pancakes a little fluffier)
  • 30 ml (2 tbsp) caster sugar
  • 150 ml milk


1.       Weigh out and mix together the flour and the sugar.

2.       Make a well in the centre of the bowl.

3.       Add the egg.

4.       Slowly add the milk, stirring as you go.

5.       Melt a blob of butter into a frying pan and wait until the pan is hot. (if you have an aga or equivalent you can use the hot surface)

6.       Add a spoonful of batter. Wait until the pancake begins to bubble before flipping over.

7.       Wait about 30 seconds to cook on the other side.

8.       Serve up! Add your favourite ingredients, and enjoy. Nom Nom Nom. 


3rd Year History student at St Andrews