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Well Falcons, we’ve unfortunately reached that point in the quarter: midterms. If your life is looking anything like mine right now, you’re absolutely drowning in exams, projects, and papers. While working hard on academics is something to prioritize, taking care of your mental health during midterms is super important! Here are some of my tips to help boost my mood during/after midterms!

  1. Change your location

This is something I constantly have to remind myself to do. When I’m working on assignments, I love doing them from the comfort of my bed, but I’ve recently noticed the negative impacts this has had on my mood. While it is cozy, it can also feel isolating. Studying in the SUB, in the library, or even in the common area of your dorm/apartment provides such a nice change of pace that can leave you feeling more motivated!

  1. Take a walk

This one goes hand in hand with number one. After I’ve been working for a long time, I’ve noticed doing something as simple as taking a five minute walk to the C-Store and back is super refreshing! 

  1. Make a new playlist

During midterms week, Spotify naturally becomes my safe space. Making a new playlist gets me motivated to study or even do chores, as I have a new soundtrack to listen to! Here’s a link to my current playlist!

  1. Paint your nails

Painting my nails has been my favorite hobby recently. There’s something so relaxing about taking the 15 minutes to myself to paint my nails! They never turn out perfect, but i just tell myself that the imperfections give the manicure “personality”.

  1. Find a new podcast

Podcasts are something I love listening to, especially during the lonely times of midterms week. Not to be biased, but New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce is my current favorite. Not only does the Swiftie in me love their occasional banter about Tayvis, but the dynamic between Jason and Travis is something so fun and lighthearted and a great change of pace after I’ve been studying for hours on end.

I hope these 5 tips can bring some positivity to a rather gloomy time. Good luck on your midterms!

Hi! I'm Emma (she/her) and I am the senior editor for SPU's chapter of Her Campus! This is my third year as a member of Her Campus, as well as my third year being an editor/writer!