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A Poem About Her

Hi, friends. Just as a warning, this is a bit heavier and more vulnerable than my usual content. I was playing around with poetry as a way to express my feelings about the passing of my adopted sister. It was really hard, but also cathartic to write it all down. It explores themes of spirituality, emotion, and my personal experience with losing someone so close to me.

Dear Sister,

It’s a new year, and you’re not here,

I want to believe you’re out there somewhere, 

But my mind is clouded with fear,

The universe is vast, but also bare.

I remember sobbing in your room, 

Huddled in a ball, 

Knowing the next time I’ll see you is in your tomb,

Pile of tears leading out to the hall.

We hadn’t seen each other in so long,

You left with no time to prepare,

I try to be strong,

But, I’m left with despair.

There’s a hole in my heart,

A spot for you will always be there,

At least that’s a start,

But this will never be fair.

Your birthday is coming soon,

You’d be Twenty-three,

But you left in June,

So it wasn’t meant to be.

This wasn’t your choice,

This wasn’t your fate,

That night with those boys,

But by morning it was too late.

Seeing you lie still,

Will forever haunt me,

I will miss you until, 

The end of my days, Traci.

Love, Emma

Hello! I'm the Editor in Chief for Her Campus SPU. I am a senior at Seattle Pacific University, double majoring in Communication and Social Justice & Cultural Studies with a Concentration in Pre-Law, Human Rights, and Policy. I'm also pursuing a minor in Women's Studies! I am passionate about intersectional social activism and love dogs, books, and cookies.
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