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YouTube Workouts For Every Day of the Week

Trying to find time to go to the gym is difficult for busy college students. Between going to class and other responsibilities, working out is usually not a priority even though it’s one of the most beneficial parts of the day. Staying fit is an important aspect of being healthy because it makes you feel more energized and less stressed. These YouTube workouts are under an hour and easy to squeeze into any day, plus they use minimal equipment and can be done in a small dorm room or apartment.



Kick off the week with POPSUGAR Fitness’ Killer 30-Minute Cardio Boxing and Core Workout. You’ll definitely break a sweat during this 35-minute workout, but there’s no better way to get rid of the Monday blues. Plus, punching the thin air is an automatic stress reliever. POPSUGAR Fitness’ channel has a wide range of workout videos that are worth checking out, too.


This Barre3 video is just like going to the studio minus the class fee. The best part about this workout is the instructor gives different options depending on your barre experience level. She uses light weights, a mini exercise ball and a chair for balance. Even if you don’t have the equipment, the workout will still be effective. Pro tip: if you have any soup cans in your pantry, you can use those as weights, too.   


You made it over the mid-week hump, so today is focused on relaxation with an under 20-minute yoga workout. Let It Go Yoga Flow by Yoga with Adriene is all about releasing stress and gaining energy to carry on throughout the week. These basic yoga moves are easy to follow along and are focused on breathing control and stretching.


This Blogilates video is a full body workout designed to tone and strengthen your muscles. The workout is divided into three songs that focus on different parts of the body. From legs and glutes to arms and abs, you’ll be feeling this workout the next day.


The start of the weekend calls for a fun workout. This upbeat Hip Hop Dance Workout by Danielle Peazer is under five minutes and feels more like you’re dancing instead of working out. Plus, you’ll have some new dance moves to try out this weekend. #WinWin.

These YouTube videos are a good starting point if you’re looking to workout at home because the number of exercise videos on the internet can be overwhelming. After you try different types of workouts, you’ll know which are best for you and fit into your schedule.

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