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Mental Health Day – Dorm Style



With the end of the semester approaching it is easy for things to become a bit hectic. The seemingly never ending tests, essays, homework in combination with the dreaded thoughts of finals approaching may cause yourself to prioritize your schoolwork over your mental health. Although it is important to stay on top of your grades, it is just as important to take some time to yourself to maintain a healthy mindset. Here are some ways you can destress from school in the comfort of your own dorm room.

Have a movie night.

Nothing says “relaxing night in” like some pajamas and a movie. Throw on your comfiest pajamas, pile all of the blankets that you own onto your bed, and turn on your favorite movie. Of course no movie night is complete without snacks, so load up on all of the popcorn, candy, and ice cream you can find!

Have a spa day.

After focusing all of your time on schoolwork, a self care day is likely needed. Try taking a few hours off and focusing your time on face masks and nail polish instead of textbooks and lectures. Bonus points if you have an essential oil diffuser.

Clean your dorm.

Okay, so I know that cleaning your room may feel like the least relaxing thing that you can do, but hear me out, you will feel SO much better once your room is clean. Having a clean room will clear your mind and once it’s clean it is one less thing you have to do in the future.


When you are sitting on your laptop staring at lectures all day it can be difficult to find time to incorporate some movement into your daily schedule. If you don’t have time to make it to the gym you can try some dorm yoga instead!

Dorm brunch.

In my opinion, nothing brings comfort more than food. Pick up some of your favorite brunch items from the store- I suggest croissants, orange juice, fresh fruit, and maybe even some microwave pancakes. Having a big breakfast will fuel yourself to get through the rest of your work-filled day. 

Have a Bob Ross paint night.

Whether you are good at it or not, painting can be a relaxing and fun activity to try out. Invite some friends over (or just paint by yourself!) and follow (or at least try to follow) a Bob Ross episode! Even if the final product doesn’t end out as hoped, it will still have been a fun break from your homework.

School can be stressful, especially when finals are approaching. Whether you are cooking yourself up some brunch or curling up and watching your favorite movie, it is important to remember to take a step back from school and prioritize yourself every once in a while.

Jenna Marandola

South Carolina '24

Jenna is currently a freshman at the University of South Carolina and majoring in mass communications. She is a foodie and wants to travel anywhere and everywhere. She loves a good movie night with her friends (and snacks of course) and is always down for a trip to the beach.
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