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Internship Spotlight: Page Buckman

We are starting an internship spotlight here at HCSC this summer, so if you landed yourslef an amazing job, let us know! Seriously, share how you landed it, what you’re doing there and any tips you’ve picked up along the way!

The next #GirlBoss, is Page Buckman, a senior editor at HCSC. She has been working with the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce all summer. Page is a public relations major with a business minor and she has had the opportunity to assist with PR needs and membership development there. Her main duty is helping people who want to join the chamber and reaching out to potential new members about the benefits of the organization. She has gotten to accompany her boss to a lot of cool events like backstage at WACH Fox News as well as up front at a press conference.


She says the best part of this internship was that, “it wasn’t just running to get coffee or doing all the work her boss just didn’t want to do.” She got to do real things that actually mattered to the company and made a difference.

“At first I was a little hesitant because my position is unpaid. I was afraid it would be a complete waste of my time, but it’s actually turned out to be a really valuable learning experience for me. I know I’ll feel a lot more confident going into other job interviews or positions now that I’ve had this real world, hands-on experience.”

As her summer internship at the SC Small Business Chamber of Commerce is coming to an end, Page is excited to have accepted another part-time virtual internship with Luxe Beat Magazine for the fall semester. 

“I’m really excited for this position because it will give me a different perspective of the public relations field. The Chamber of Commerce dealt with a lot of legality issues, politics and laws. Luxe Beat Magazine will be more trendy and lightweight, which is right up my alley. I love that I get to experience different sides of the PR spectrum.”

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Page Buckman

South Carolina

Page is a Public Relations major at the University of South Carolina. In her free time she enjoys watching Netflix, playing with her dog, and eating mozzarella sticks.
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