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5 Ways to Get Back on Track After a Break

Although hurricane breaks aren’t officially in our school calendar, in recent years, they’re becoming an annual event. Below are four ways to regain motivation for school after an unexpected week off.

1. Go for a morning workout.

Exercising not only increases your memory ability, but it also improves your focus. You don’t have to run for hours either; a new study shows that it only takes 10 minutes of aerobic exercise. Get up a few minutes earlier and get to Strom. your mind will thank you later.

2. Head to bed a little earlier.

We all are awful about sticking to a sleep schedule when on break, but to get back to normal, head to bed an hour earlier than your normal time. Catching a few extra Z’s can help you focus more during class, especially for your 8 a.m. lecture. Waking up before your alarm is actually a good thing, believe it or not.

3. Drink coffee before class.

As if anyone needs an excuse to grab an extra latte from Starbucks, coffee will help you stay alert during class. No promises coffee will make you focus in a productive way, but it does wake your brain up a notch and keeps distractions at bay. When you’re recovering from the lack of sleep during a break, the caffeine in coffee will improve your memory when you’re drowsy. If a more natural alternative is more up your alley, black tea is also a great source for a caffeine fix!

4. Watch what you eat. 

Sure, the majority of us don’t love to eat healthy all the time. I mean have you tried ice cream? But, foods can actually have a big impact on how focused and alert we are. Certain foods can boost our brain power during the day and put us back on track for class. Blueberries can increase our capacity for new information, dark chocolate improves our mood and level of concentration and black beans give our brains the food they need. Swap out that cookie for a handful of blueberries next time.

5. Reread your class notes. 

Studying, when it’s not time to cram for an exam isn’t the most fun way to spend your time. However, just quickly glancing over recently taken notes can wake your mind up. Sometimes when you are away from class for a bit you forget the material we just learned, rereading can lessen the impact of this. Looking at notes not only helps you remember what you forgot, but it can also help you test yourself! While reading, cover equations, statistics or other facts up to see how well you can remember them. Another great way to refresh your memory would be to rewrite any confusing notes you had previously written down. An understandable notebook is a good notebook!

These are 5 small, but impactful ways to start your week and the following weeks back on campus, right!  Try some out and see what works best for you and your lifestyle!

Abby Davies

South Carolina '22

U of SC '22. Public Health major.
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