Stress of a Junior





The stress is real as a junior. Not a sophomore, or a senior, but a junior. Why? It’s simple:


1.  You have to pay rent for your apartment because Sonoma State barely provides housing for juniors and seniors. Many people who try to get housing on campus get waitlisted for the upcoming year. It also takes forever to find a house that people want to live in because of money issues. I am thankful to have roomed with my closet friends, but it costs way too much, due to the fires.

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2. You must decide your career path and declare a major.  It’s the toughest decision you have to make because it could be the best idea or the worst. During this time, some people know what they want to do and others don’t like me. Figuring out what you want to do after college is stressful. Deciding whether to go to grad school, find your career, travel, etc. I have been figuring out what I want to do with my life after I graduate and still do not know.

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3. This is now the time we are taking the 300/400 level classes and they are much harder than the 100/200 classes. Many professors give so much homework and exams that you have no time to have a social life at all. On the first week of school, I spent about 5 hours each day in the library finishing homework for each of my classes to stay on track...My second home is the library.


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4.  It is now the time people are having part-time jobs that are difficult to find, especially a job you want. Many students need a job to keep up with all the bills. It’s a struggle to find a job that even works around your schedule to the point of having a job you won’t even enjoy. Many students work to pay off their college debt,  but it's hard when you have piles of homework and a text the day after a long shift.

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5. Lastly, the dread of wanting to graduate. You have two more year’s till you can get your diploma. Flashbacks to junior year of high school, anxious to finish. We are almost to the finish line, but we still have a couple of hurdles to go through such as taking WEPT and finishing our GE’s.. seeing your senior friends about to graduate, passively waiting for you turn...

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