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Head in the clouds.


Lost in thought.

Earth to Becca.


I’m sorry what? Here I am.


We catch each other sometimes, being so deep in our thoughts that were removed from the now. Our consciousness somewhere else entirely. Then we come back and oh my gosh, that was 10 minutes. What’s the professor talking about? What were you saying? Where was I? This last question is what I’ve continued to ask myself. Where was I? Where do I go when I’m “daydreaming”? Sometimes it’s so far and I’m not conscious of my body. I’m not feeling the chair I’m in, hearing the words spoken, smelling the air in the room. I am detached from my body and the physical world, so it seems. But of course, we know that’s not true. Our consciousness is always rattling around in our head no matter how long were taken away. But is this place we go to a real place? Well, that depends on how you define real, and I think this place we go, the Next Dimension, is real.

In philosophy, there are theories of moral realism, or the notion that morals, or other essences, exist because we as a collective human race have a deep inert sense of them. Murder is wrong because deep down we all tend to feel a similar disdain towards it. We just know in our heart, and we can feel it. I’ve interpreted to mean that we know some things, notions and ideas are real because we can feel them; they make us emote somehow. The source of one’s depression and its validity is known because the individual feels it so deeply. You know you love someone because you simply feel it so deeply, and one that alone makes the love real.

When you go deep and your brain and remember something very happy or very sad, you are reliving those real feelings. But if that memory and mental space are not real, then why are you responding with emotions? You could say because it’s just recalling something real that did happen, but that recollection is surely something. We have the amazing ability to literally walk ourselves through memories in the Next Dimension and let them take us somewhere that our present and physical selves can respond to. This mental space is something substantial and significant if we can recreate, and reLIVE it so vividly. We are so convinced some memories took place in the physical world we mistake them. Eyewitness testimony is the most inherently unreliable in court because we misconstrued the physical world with the Next Dimension so easily all the times. We are so convinced its real because somehow it is.

We even have the ability to create in this Next Dimension. Have you ever been walked through a meditation? Did you walk next to a trickling stream and hear it as it ran down the mountain? Did you see and hear the birds? Did you imagine it as you read it right now? Did you then get so lost in the imagery you lost a sense of your physical body, maybe even detached from it entirely into sleep? You were in the Next Dimension. We walk around the Next Dimension in a created world going through situations we want to see and people we want to interact with, while our physical bodies lay dormant in bed.

We know this is a real place because we react and respond to it just as much as we do to the physical world. Whether it be memories or recreations, it engages our attention so much that we lost track of our physical bodies. But does that mean we lose track of us? What are you? When in the Next Dimension, you are just as equally there as you are here. So when they say, earth to YOU, they really are on earth while you, the you that everyone is so concerned about is apparently somewhere else entirely. That you must be YOU, since people who are in a vegetative condition and their personhood is debated in morality ethics. We know a physical body does not equate personhood because when someone dies, we consider them gone. So when you’re in the Next Dimension, you are there, and somehow return here.

A significant difference between the physical world and the Next Dimension is that you’re alone there. The time you spend there then can be a very good and a very bad thing. Spending too much time in your “head”, the Next Dimension, is spending a lot of time alone with your own consciousness aware of what’s around it. You can relive and evaluate memories, and you can create new images for the future of the physical world, that’s true. Humans are biologically empathetic and social animals. We need to interact with others. Solitary confinement impairs and scars us. Spending too much time in the Next Dimension is time spent alone and isolated, and takes us away from the physical world where everyone else lives. It can detach us from physical reality and have us forget what it’s like to empathize with other humans and remember that what we do has a very real effect. Stay attached to the physical world where your friends, family and future lay.

Fortunately, people don’t spend too much time in the Next Dimension, but rather, not enough. Somewhere in our culture, we’ve hyped the extrovertive lifestyle and which does not leave us enough time alone. We think more “popular” people, or those who seem to constantly be around people are happier and more successful. You can get lost in others if you don’t spend time in the Next Dimension analyzing yourself. In the Next Dimension, you can relive memories, and explore them to understand how they affect you today, and what you can do to use them to improve yourself. When you daydream the future and things that make you happy, you fill your physical self with the emotions that improve your quality of life. The images of the future help you set goals for what you want to manifest in the physical world that is going to affect others.

If you can’t get on board with the idea of this conscious space being more real and legitimate than you’d ever thought, I’m sure most can agree that a little more time alone with their thoughts and emotions to self reflect can certainly do some good in a culture that encourages total socialization. If you can, however, the Next Dimension really is a great place to spend time and manifest your physical self and the future. It’s wild to think there’s another real place to exist besides this physical space we know, but for all the reasons stated about, you exist there. Certainly, you exist somewhere when you’re off in la-la land.


I'm Rebecca DeMent(she/her/they/them), a Buddhist Catholic vegan ecofeminst, and I am a junior at Sonoma State University studying Philosophy in the Pre-Law concentration with a minor in Business. 
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