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So it’s six weeks into the semester here at SSU, and I’m finally beginning to see how difficult college really is.  My classes started off somewhat easy with a small workload of reading, a lecture response once a week, and some math problems here and there, but that was just the beginning.  Soon enough I was given three writing assignments in one day, and from then on I knew my life would be an insane roller coaster.  Up until last week, I hadn’t quite figured out how to properly manage my time here, so it was about time for me to get it together and figure out how I was going to finish these three essays, and study for a stats midterm that I was dreading.  I had to get a stats tutor for my own good, so with that extra help, I’ve definitely been less stressed out about math than I usually am.  Unfortunately earlier this week, I came to the conclusion that my English 101 class, which I thought was going to be easy, is probably going to be my most difficult class besides Statistics.   Luckily the classes I am taking for my major aren’t dragging me down too much.  Other than classes, there’s been a lot going on in my life other than school that just adds to the overwhelmingness of being a college freshman almost halfway through their first semester.  The bank account is dropping (obviously) but I’m not yet ready to get a job because I’m still figuring out that whole time management thing.  I applied for a job a few days ago that I would start second semester which relieves me a little bit, but the whole not having money thing is kind of new.  Most of my roommates have gone on trips this past weekend to San Francisco and to visit friends that are local, and I stayed on campus because I came to the sudden realization that I don’t necessarily have any money to spend.  Because I’m from here, I don’t need to go to San Francisco or visit friends in other counties, but it is a fun idea.  I don’t necessarily want to go home either because things have obviously changed in the last six weeks, and I don’t really feel like I can go home whenever I want anymore.  It’s a part of growing up that I knew would happen eventually and I didn’t think it would come this soon, but it’s time for me to be my own independent person.  It’s a little scary, and I have a lot of things on my plate, but this is the kind of responsibility and lifestyle I’ve been asking for since I was 10 years old, so it’s about time I get used to it and embrace it.  I’m excited to see where the next few weeks takes me, and I know there will be a lot of ups and downs, but I’m ready to see what happens.  

Second year at SSU. Hobbies of mine include Photography, Writing, and Singing in the shower.
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