Ways to Stay Healthy During Finals

Now that finals season is upon us, our health habits have gone out the window. But don’t fret, we at HC Soka have got you covered. Here are some tips from us to you to stay healthy during finals!

Drink lots of tea and honey water, jog, dress warm - Sophie Hasuo

Exercise and eat clean - Anna Casals 

Sleep a lot and drink lots of waterSiri Eimviriyapong

Drink cranberry juice! It's very good for you - Trang Lam

Try to eat healthier and try to start your days doing pushups and sit upsMiki Tanahashi

If you feel sleepy and cannot concentrate, go to sleep. You don't want to cram the last night, because it's bad for your health and bad for your grades - Joy Ng

Take breaks to go on walks and stock up on healthy snacks - Sara Adamson

Take evening walks - Mehak Advani