Ways to Bounce Back from Finals Season

Finals week is always a new low for college students. Things that are normally considered concerning, such as eating only pizza rolls and sleeping on the floor of the library, are not only typical but honestly considered #relatable. Coming out of finals week, I usually have a horrible breakout, (at least) five extra pounds, dark eye circles and just in general extreme fatigue, and I know I am not the only one. In true style of productive procrastination, instead of studying for my finals, I've scoured the Internet in search of tips and threads and put together a list of ways to improve your lifestyle in the aftermath of finals over the break!


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1. Work out every day

It's bikini season! Not only does working out improve your health and brain performance, it tones your muscles, helps with weight loss and is great for muscle and bone health. Not to mention, exercising is scientifically proven to make you happier because of the endorphins released during a hard workout.

2. Start or improve your skincare routine

I know my skincare routine especially slacks over finals, which, combined with stress, can make for an unpleasant breakout or uneven skin tones! Figure out your skin type and make a special routine, treat yourself to some face masks, or hit up a dermatologist if you're feeling fancy, because they are a wealth of knowledge.

3. Get at least eight hours of sleep, but no more than nine

While it may be tempting to sleep for 13 hours in a row, getting on a routine and limiting yourself to eight or nine hours a night will be so much healthier. While we have excuses in the school year for not getting enough sleep, summer is the opportunity to sleep (and nap!).


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4. Eat healthy and drink tons of water

Eating healthy and drinking water are great ways to feel better and look better. Water honestly is so amazing for your body: it has been proven to assist in weight loss, improve mood, fight headaches, and improve heart health (full list here).

5. Cut out one (or two or three) bad habits

Whether it's an addiction to social media, comparing yourself to others, or constantly complaining, the summer is an awesome opportunity to not only cut new habits but build new ones, such as thinking more positively or investing time into yourself regularly.

6. Learn something new

Last summer I learned how to play the ukulele and improved my piano playing skills tremendously. I think learning something new over the summer keeps your brain active and is a great way to start another school year with a new skill up your sleeve.


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7. Change your hair

Somehow, changing my hair always makes me feel not only empowered but also dramatically on top of my life. Whether it's a trim, a completely new cut, highlights, or an altogether different color, changing your hair is a great way to mix things up without going too crazy.

8. Refresh your wardrobe

New look, new you. Going through your closet and getting rid of old clothes, combined with going shopping for new clothes or thrift shopping, which is equally entertaining, is best paired with friends! Grab a friend or two and get their input, plus, more eyes means more chances to get a great catch!

9. Get a job

What's better than a nice summer after a hard year? A nice summer making money! Fund those shopping sprees with a part time job; there are the typical lifeguarding and babysitting jobs, but you can also search for jobs in food, retail and even internships.