My Favorite Protein Bars to Eat When I Don't Have Time To Cook

Like a lot of college students, I'm always in a rush. I'm speed walking to class, rushing to print something in the library or running to Starbucks to get an iced coffee. All this hurrying always makes me want to just sit in bed when I get to my dorm. I always feel too unmotivated to go downstairs to the microwaves and heat up my oatmeal, ramen or mac and cheese. A lot of these times, I just like to eat a protein bar as a quick snack. Protein bars, although not a good substitute for a meal, are a necessity in college. With my limited access to a kitchen and my limited time to fix meals, protein bars come in handy. These are some of my favorites!

  1. 1. Luna Bars

    I LOVE Luna Bars! The chocolate and peppermint ones are my favorites, although the lemon-flavored bars are pretty good too. I prefer to eat these in the morning most of the time.

  2. 2. CLIF Bars

    CLIF Bars are some of the best bars out there. Although they have a lot of sugar in them, they taste so amazing. They are never sticky and always make me feel full.

  3. 3. Quest Bars

    These are some of the better bars I eat that are super high in protein. I always need water after I eat one though! I love Quest Bars because they have fewer calories that other bars and they have super fun flavors! My favorite is the cookie dough bar.

  4. 4. RX Bars 

    RX Bars are so healthy and organic. I like to eat these more at night, so I don't get a sugar rush before bed. They always look a little unappetizing after you open the bar, but that is part of their charm! Anything super healthy could look a little funky, but it does not effect the taste at all!

  5. 5. KIND Bars 

    KIND Bars are so yummy! They make me feel healthy when I eat them, because I can see exactly what's in them. Nuts, chocolate and dried fruit –what's better than that? They're always a good breakfast bar!

These are my top five favorite protein bars! There are plenty more to taste and write about, but in my opinion these are the best. If you are ever in a hurry, grab a protein bar!