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Apps that SMU Students Should Swear By

What is this new adulting thing that we have to do now that we’re in college? And who has time to do that? Let’s face it, SMU students are BUSY and it can be really stressful doing “adult” things. Here is a list of apps that SMU students should swear by to save time and money, and also learn how to manage your time, health and wallet! 

1. Tapingo

For when the Starbucks line at Fondy is a mile long. Although there’s a small service fee, order from your phone and all you have to do is grab and go! Best part of all, it connects to your meal plan and flex dollars! In addition to Starbucks, Tapingo offers service at other campus faves including Mac’s Place, Einstein Bros Bagels, Subway and Lawyers Inn. 

2. Tapride

For when it’s late and don’t want to walk across campus back to your dorm, or for when you don’t want to walk in the pouring rain, or for when you don’t want to walk because, well, college. Tapride offers service to SMU students and allows you to set a pick-up and drop-off location. Sooner or later, a friendly golf cart driver will arrive at your footsteps to take you where you requested. This is a super helpful service that SMU offers and is included with tuition! 

3. Uber/Lyft

For when you need to leave campus and can’t find a friend with a car. Let’s face it, car-sharing services are a lifesaver in college! Whether it be getting a ride to the mall, Uptown or a fun restaurant, Uber and/or Lyft is here for you. Best part of all, Uber allows you to split the fare with your friends. Always be careful taking Ubers and make sure to not ride alone. Or if you do, turn on ride-sharing information with your friends and/or family. 

4. Barnes and Noble College App

For when you need to pick up even more SMU gear. Download the Barnes and Noble College App! Once you sign up for an account and connect it with our SMU bookstore, you can get sweet discounts on SMU gear. You can also order textbooks through the app to make ordering and picking up your books easier than ever. 

5. La Madeleine

For when you need a warm cup of soup or a flaky French pastry, located right next to campus on Mockingbird, this is a convenient and delicious spot to pick up some quality food if you’re not in the mood to necessarily leave campus to get food and you’re sick of the dining halls. Once you sign up for an account, La Madeleine’s app allows you to scan and earn rewards in-store. You can also pre-order using the app, as well. 

6. DoorDash

For when you're craving food from fave restaurant but don’t want to leave your dorm. DoorDash or another food delivery service app such as Uber Eats or Postmates, has a ton of Dallas favorites such as Velvet Taco, Dallas Grilled Cheese Co., Rush Bowls and Penne Pomodoro. 

7. Group Me

For when you need to coordinate with a large group of people. This one is kind of a no-brainer, but 100% necessary. GroupMe is the easiest way to communicate with a large group of people and all your clubs, organizations, and groups you are in use this app. Although it gets kind of annoying (I would suggest putting some groups on mute), you will never miss another last minute, important announcement! 

8. Headspace

For when you need to breathe. Although midterms are finally done, there is still another stress-filled wave upon us: finals week. College is stressful. There’s always so much going on and so much to do and sometimes the stress just seems so overwhelming. Headspace is a great app that allows you to take some daily time for yourself through guided meditation. By taking just a few minutes out of your day to just slow down, your overall stress level will go down. 

9. Canvas

For when you need to actually do school. As if getting the email that your professor has posted your grade on Canvas isn’t bad enough, the Canvas app will give you yet another notification telling you to check that A+ your prof just gave you ;). 

10. Venmo

For when you need to pay your friend back (or you need your friend to pay YOU back). Venmo hooks up directly with your bank account and allows you to transfer money to your friends if y’all need to split the bill. It’s also a fairly common way that clubs collect dues.

Don't be a Katie.

11. Mint

For when you need to control your bank account. Let’s face it, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the money you’ve been spending. Mint is a great tool that lets you visualize where all your money goes and helps you set budgets for yourself. 

12. MyFitnessPal

For when you want to be healthy. Now that we’re adults, it’s time to start adulting and start taking care of yourself and your body. This app is super helpful when you want to watch what you eat or track your workout habits.

Kalena Dorgan is a freshman at Southern Methodist University and is planning on double majoring in Advertising and Communications, as well as minoring in Spanish. Being from Wisconsin, she can't wait to explore Dallas. She is passionate about volunteering in her community and is obsessed with chai tea, yoga, brunch and her planner.
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