5 Effective Study Breaks to Help You Through Finals

Amid the season of finals, it is important to remember that your tests won't go as planned if you don't take care of yourself during the finals season. Remember that pulling all nighters, studying for hours on end, and eating like Zack Efron in 17 Again won't help your health or your test performance. Study in increments and know that study breaks are beneficial if you do something productive with your time.

1. Do a mini Yoga session

Do a 5-minute yoga sequence to stretch your body, relax your shoulders, and rejuvenate your mind.


2. Watch a funny video

By watching something that makes you laugh, you can release good hormones in the brain and lighten your mood for your next round of flashcards.

3. Give your body the fuel it needs

Take a few minutes from studying to eat a real meal with a protein, a fruit or vegetable, and a starch. No one studies well on an empty stomach, and don't try filling up on potato chips or something sugary, because you will receive a quick burst of energy, but lose that rush almost as quick as it started.


4. Call a friend or family member

Reflecting on a good time you had with one another, or simply making each other laugh will ease your stress and anxiety from finals and refresh your mentality about studying.


5. Listen to your favorite song

This two to four minute study break is sometimes all we need. Listen to a song that brings back great, positive memories. If you are tense from finals, listen to a song you heard live. Close your eyes, and picture yourself back at that great performance. Just don't forget that you're in the middle of a library when you're tempted to sing along.