5 Cheap and Easy Ways to #TreatYoSelf During Finals Season

It’s finals season! Get ready for all-nighters in Fondren Library, coffee hangovers and flashcards galore. But in the midst of this super stressful time, don’t forget to take care of yourself! Finals can be rough, but making it through is so much easier if you take regular breaks and watch out for your emotional and psychological wellness. However, self-care isn't always doing luxurious face masks while you lie in a bubble bath drinking white wine. Self-care doesn’t have to be that elaborate or that expensive! Here are five ways to #TreatYoSelf that won’t break the bank.

1. Take a nap. This one seems simple, but you’d be surprised how often we neglect sleep. In fact, a study published by Harvard University suggests that only 11% of all American college students sleep well consistently. This is bad, especially because sleep deprivation can dramatically worsen your memory- which you definitely need to do well on your exams! So next time you need a break, consider letting yourself take that nap that you’ve been desperately craving. To maximize your energy and your time management, set your alarm for 90 minutes. In a crunch, 20 minutes is supposed to give you a quick recharge!

2 . Go for a walk. There’s a reason you feel so restless after sitting for three hours reviewing your Spanish vocab. Your body needs to move and you’re lucky enough to live in Texas, where it’s still beautiful outside in December! Not only is it a fun break, but it’s good for you. Of course, the exercise is nice for your body, but it’s also been linked to improving stress and mood. Put down your books and explore campus!  


3. Stop and listen to your favorite song. You can do this without even sacrificing your well fought-for spot in Fondren. Ten more chapters to go and you need motivation? Find a stopping spot and pop in your earbuds! And don’t multitask- give yourself those 3-4 minutes to just sit back and relax. Maybe consider an upbeat tune that energizes you I highly recommend “Eye of the Tiger.”​

4. Enjoy a healthy snack you love. Yeah, you’re tired and frustrated and hangry- but consider treating yourself to something you won’t regret later. A cupcake break might seem mandatory in the moment, but it sets you up for a sugar crash later. Consider a snack that’s high in protein, since protein makes you feel fuller and energized longer than sugar. Self-care includes looking out for future you- not just mindless indulgence. You two hours from now will thank you for choosing an apple and peanut butter instead of a Kit-Kat.

5. Take a friend to coffee. Take a break from studying together and go out for an hour! I would highly suggest somewhere off-campus because anxiety is actually an airborne contagion during this time of year. Set a rule that you’re not going to talk about school or exams catch up on what else is going on in each other’s’ lives. Hanging out with a friend is a nice mental break from the studying monotony and a wonderful reprieve from solitarily staring at a laptop. It’s also a great way to check in with a friend and make sure they’re also taking care of themselves. Ask a friend who you know is stressed so you can encourage them and hopefully help them relax for a bit, too!


Feature Image Provided Via Pexels