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5 Ways to De-Stress During Finals

Don’t let the panicked frenzy of finals week leave you exhausted and overwhelmed. Here are some easy ways to remain cool, calm, and collected. Good luck Smithies!

1. Mudslide

Looking for the perfect remedy for a stressful day? Look no further. Nothing is better than stopping at the Campus Center for a Mudslide. The delicious combination of Oreo cookie crumbs and chocolate sauce is capable of relieving even the worst of moods. Taking a quick break from homework for this sweet treat is definitely worth your time!

2. Take a walk around the pond.

Paradise Pond is impossible to miss. However, some might not be aware of the nice path that surrounds it. If the gym isn’t your thing, try getting your mind off the books by taking a quick walk around the pond (weather permitting of course!). Take some tunes with you and jam out on this beautiful walk.

3. Streak the Quad.

Here’s an especially creative de-stressor for daring Smithies! There’s nothing more liberating than running around freely and expressing your anger about finals week. Add streaking to that combination, and you’ve got yourself a great—and definitely memorable—time. 

4. 20 min sitcom

Some of you might not have time to take a longer break from homework—after all, there are only so many hours in the day. If you’re still looking for some mind-numbing TV, take a shorter break and sit down for a 20 minute sitcom. The humor of the shows are bound to relieve some stress, leaving you ready to get going on your studying.

5. Dance Video

Dance away with your friends to a song that you all love and forget about studying for the meantime. Record yourself and watch it over and over again until you can’t stop laughing. 

Anna, originally from Portland, Oregon, is a junior at Smith and is a Religion and Psychology double major. Along with writing for HC, Anna spends her time singing in an a cappella group, watching The West Wing, wearing sweaters, browsing Buzzfeed, and reading in bed.
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