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It is officially mid-October, which means you’re more than likely crumbling under the piles of homework and midterms coming your way. It rolls around every year, and you know it’s coming, but somehow that doesn’t make it any easier. In September, everything feels like smooth sailing: you’ve got your schedule down, the work is hard but nothing crazy, and you feel like you’re a somewhat put together human being. But then October hits, and so does that blessed time of year when professors realize we’re halfway through and they better get those grades in! In December, finals are tough, but at least you’ve got the promise of winter break ahead of you. Right now, it’s the long haul. But if there’s one person who can inspire you to push through (or waste some time on Netflix) it’s Rory Gilmore. 


  • When you have two papers and an exam on the same day, and have yet again failed to budget your time accordingly



  • When you’re desperately trying to hear the professor say what’s going to be on the test but someone behind you is “whispering” to their friend


  • Trying to pick between that holy trinity of your social life, grades, and sleep (you can only have two! Choose wisely.)



  • The morning of a test you were up all night studying for...or let’s be honest, even if you weren’t up all night. This is me every day.  



  • When you have 10 billion things to check off your to do list and someone interferes with your meticulously planned schedule

  • When you have to carry the whole team on a group presentation even though you don’t know what you’re talking about either


  • Getting home after a long day and ordering a pizza with your roommates because hey, life is hectic, but you’re doing a killer job. Treat yourself.


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Connecticut girl currently residing in Vermont as a senior at Saint Michael's College. English major with a love for writing, running, skiing, and all things Broadway. 
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