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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SLU chapter.

Fall is coming

and we rush towards

the painted trees,

the cute clothes we’ll wear

and the smell and crunch of leaves.

The pumpkin and cinnamon smells

will waft to us 

and for a few weeks

we will bask

in the calmness 

that it brings.

But fall is coming,

and with fall

comes dread

as we step into winter.

We see the fog

of deeper depression

floating towards us,

and the coldness 

of winter will be next. 

The sun will not warm us,

and give us the blanket

that protects us

from the darkness 

we feel

for those three 

tranquil months. 

Winter will bring 

a different kind of blanket,

one that does not warm,

but instead traps the cold

inside of us.

So, we will tremble

as our depression 

begins to nest deeper 

into our bones.

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