Dear Survivor

You tell me about your struggles, 

how you always feel like shit.

You write about loss and losing,

how you feel no luck.

You say you are hopeless,

how no one can help. 

You explain that you’re suffering,

how you are still stuck.


As I hear more about you,

As I learn more from you,

As I laugh and cry with you, 

As I see more and more of you,

I know the struggles,

And I see the strength.


You defied the odds and broke the game.

You fight the war and continue on.

You lost a battle and don’t give up.

You trip and stumble and dust yourself off.

You walk through a desert but don’t desert hope.

You love and laugh and live despite the ache. 

You have struggled and fought for so long, 

And that reveals your strength.