5 Ways to Get Motivated to Workout

1. Make an awesome workout playlist.

Compile all your favorite, upbeat and motivating songs into a single playlist, and only let yourself listen to it when you’re exercising. That way, you HAVE to work out to listen to your amazing playlist! And if you need help finding good pump-up music, Spotify and Apple Music have numerous workout playlists to choose from— Spotify even has a “Running” playlist that syncs your number of steps to the beat of the music.  

2. Set a concrete and realistic goal.

Have something you’re working towards. Whether it be running a certain number of miles, biking for a set period, or lifting a certain amount of weight, a goal gives you a purpose and holds you accountable. Instead of randomly going out and running until you get tired, tell yourself that you eventually want to be able to run 10 miles. Then, create a five-week plan, gradually building up the number of miles. Developing a plan to achieve a specific goal makes you much more likely to follow through with a workout regime.   

3. Sign up for a workout class.

As a broke college student, using my extremely limited funds to sign up for a workout class means I will be in every single class, no matter what. I want my money’s worth! Plus, workout classes allow you to draw external motivation from both the instructor and the people surrounding you— because let’s face it, it can be hard to constantly stay internally motivated.

4. Surround yourself with active people.

If the people around you value exercise, the chances are that you will too. Share your favorite pump-up music, the best running route in Forest Park, or a new ab workout you just discovered to make exercising more fun, varied and exciting. You don’t necessarily have to workout with a friend, but constantly being around exercise-oriented individuals makes it much easier to incorporate healthy habits into your daily schedule. Help hold each other accountable!  

5. Make exercise a part of your daily routine.

No matter how you choose to work out, it shouldn’t be a “big production.” That is, going to the gym shouldn’t be a major, earth-shattering event in your day. Exercise should be built into your daily routine, something that is as natural as brushing your teeth or eating lunch. Set aside a certain amount of time every day designated for some type of exercise, and try, for an hour or so, to forget about all the responsibilities, worries and problems constantly running through your brain. Instead, focus on the beat of your music, the rate of your breathing, the increasing fatigue in your arms and legs. The mental break will leave you refreshed, empowered and ready to tackle your day!