4 Ways to Make it Through Your Hardest Semester

1. Write everything down in a planner or calendar.

This will help you put everything into perspective and give you a timeline to follow. It will also help you prioritize based on what is the most important in the long run and not just a temporary problem.


2. Give yourself 3-4 things to do every day.

By breaking it down into more manageable chunks, the giant pile of things you have to do shrinks pretty quickly. Whether those things include making sure you study a certain subject every day or take some time to check in with yourself and de-stress, they are all important. Try to become the type of person who follows through with the things you plan to do; your future self will thank you.


3. Use the resources around you.

If you are really stressed out about a class, try to find out if any of your friends took that class or if they know someone who has. That way, you can get firsthand advice on what to do to succeed from someone who has actually been in your shoes. If you still feel unsure, never hesitate to go talk to your professor about how you are feeling about it. They will be sure to make you feel better with an added bonus of them knowing that you care about doing well.


4. Take time out of your day for self-care.

When a lot is going on in your life, it is even more important to take some time out of your day to check in with yourself. You are not going through this hard semester alone; a lot of other people are too, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Remember to breathe, go for a run, do a facemask, or whatever else it is that helps you calm down when it all seems overwhelming. Just know that the one thing that feels like the end of the world is definitely not. You will get through anything that gets thrown your way and become stronger despite it.