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3 Things I Learned When Learning to Cook

Living in an apartment this year meant no more meal plan (yay!), but that also meant I needed to learn how to make things other than eggs. Little did I know that learning to cook would be so therapeutic.

The Joy in planning

I love that feeling when present-time-you gets to thank past-you, and every time I meal prep I get that feeling.

The satisfaction of the process

In the age of doing everything digitally, it’s a really nice change of pace to be productive with your hands. Cooking can be a lovely time to unplug and enjoy the physical process.

The freedom of doing it yourself

If you have dietary restrictions as I do, cooking has given me the freedom to choose what foods I can enjoy. After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, earlier this year, making food gives back some of the control that I felt like I had lost.

Lily is a sophomore at SLU from Pittsburgh. She loves fashion, politics, and trying new recipes.
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