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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SLU chapter.

One: Organize

Organize everything! Make sure your study space is void of clutter. Gather all of your notes and resources. It is even a good idea to make study schedule to keep yourself on track.

Two: Choose a Study Space

Try to study in places with lots of light. Depending on your studying style, consider the noise level of your space. For example, if you need to study in silence, consider studying in a place such as the library. If you’re someone who may need a little background noise, consider a coffee shop or student lounge.

Three: Lose the Distractions

Ditch your phone or TV during your study time. You may feel like you can handle using your phone and studying, but you are actually making it harder to retain the information.

Four: Limit your Study Time

If you study for long periods of time, you may be making it harder to remember the information. Try to study for an hour at a time.

Five: Know When to Take Breaks

It’s okay to take a step back from your studying. Try to do things you like to ease your mind. Exercise, listen to music, or go out with friends. Don’t let the studying consume you!

Six: Stay Hydrated and Eat

You may feel so consumed by your midterms that you forget to do things as simple as eating and drinking water. Be sure to do both to maintain your physical health during these stressful times.

Seven: Get Some Sleep

That all-nighter may feel like it is the thing to do, but the truth is the test will seem a lot harder if you are tired. Know when to end your night.

Eight: Learn your Study Style

Everyone studies differently. Some may opt for flash cards while others may just read over notes. Find what works best for you so that your studying is efficient and effective.

Nine: Study with Others

Talking the material out with your peers make be a useful tool in helping you retain the information. Try a group with a few people or attend large review session

Ten: Know that You Got This!

Midterms are only a short period of time compared to the rest of the year and semester. Don’t let them worry or stress you! No matter what, you will be fine.

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