Calling All Yogis!

This semester, I have been taking a course called “Yoga: Ancient & Modern Paths to Freedom”, to fulfill my Religious Difference course requirement at Saint Joe’s. In this class, we focus on the history of yoga and its various definitions throughout different Sanskrit texts. The more I read for this class, the more interested I became on the health benefits of modern yoga. I have always had an interest in taking up yoga, but never had the drive to actually leave campus and take a class. Thankfully, my yoga history course requires us to take physical yoga classes and journal about them, so I had to make time for it.  So, I began taking yoga classes in my free time.

I have been taking classes at a yoga studio called Dana Hot Yoga located in Bala Cynwood (super close to campus). The company also has studios located in Glenside and Spring House. A single class costs $15 for students, but there are many groupons available to take multiple classes at a low price. The class I take is a Vinyasa Flow class that is taught in a room that is heated to 90-degrees and varies from an hour to an hour and 30 minutes long. Hot yoga may sound intimidating but the teachers at Dana Hot Yoga make it their goal to make everyone feel comfortable in their own yoga practice. On my first day, my teacher Dorian assured that there was no need for me to worry about my yoga skills because I had never taken hot yoga before. He told me that I would leave the studio feeling relaxed and he was right.

Source: Dana Hot Yoga,

We begin each class by focusing on deep breathing. With each breath, the teacher talks the class through different movements to transition into each pose. With every breath in there is a transition of movement and with every breath out there is a different transition again. The teacher always reminds the class to focus on breathing and the current moment while leaving the worries of the outside world behind. Although the teachers at Dana Hot Yoga vary by time and class, I find that the tone is very much the same as well as the focus on oneself and finding inner peace. The focus on breathing is key to any Vinyasa Yoga class and can be a staple in developing yoga and concentration skills. After every class, I feel calm and less stressed about my usually worries over school and extracurricular activities. I go to these classes once or twice a week and find that it has many benefits and makes me feels better overall.

Dana Hot Yoga is a studio that I would highly recommend and plan on continuing to go to after my yoga history course has ended. It is low priced and close to campus, making it perfect for Saint Joe’s students!


Below are links to the Dana Hot Yoga website and class schedule: