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Welcome to the Ultimate Booty Gains Guide! Everyone is born uniquely beautiful in their own way and what might work for others, may not work for and vice versa. However, having a healthy lifestyle can add to your natural glow! To those who are wanting or have been striving for some booty gains, you have come to the right place! Throughout my ongoing fitness journey, I have learned many tips to efficiently grow your glutes so stay tuned for the rest of the article!

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, but rather a fellow training girl-friend to support you throughout your journey to the booty of your dreams!

Tip #1: The RIGHT Nutrition

To GAIN some booty, you have to UP your calorie intake! I know ladies, this is a difficult tip to trust, but believe me when I say you will see a difference in your booty if done the right way. When I say to have a caloric surplus, it does not mean to eat anything and everything that is high in calories. This means having balanced meals with the right amount of protein, healthy fats, and carbs. Carbs are going to be your best friend because it gives you the energy you need to perform your workouts! Protein will help you build your muscles, along with healthy fats helping you stay full and provide the right nutrition for your body to recover. Additionally, it is important to listen to your body and eat enough calories to provide it with the right nutrients and energy to POWER through your workouts! Also, do not restrict yourself with your cravings! When you crave ice cream, chips, burgers, etc., it is okay to eat them! Just remember to eat them in moderation and jump right back to your booty-gaining mentality!

Tip #2: Glute Activation

Before you hit the heavyweights, warming up your body and glutes is essential in preventing injury and growing your booty! Your glutes are one of your major muscles, so it plays an important role in your everyday movement! Having strong glutes can help prevent injuries to your knees, lower back, and hamstrings while improving physical performance. Activating your glutes will warm them up so that your booty can feel the real BURN during your training session! Save 5-10 minutes doing some donkey kicks, fire hydrants, squats, lunges, etc. to activate your glutes! You can also add on a booty band to push your glutes even further!

Tip #3: Heavy Weights

To grow your glutes, you gotta push them to the MAX! That means adding on 5-10 pounds every time your body adjusts to the previous training weight so that your gluteal muscles know they have to grow bigger and become stronger to carry the heavyweights! The science behind building your muscles with heavier weights is that your muscle fibers will have small tears when pushed hard enough, which will lead to soreness and result in stronger, bigger muscles! Weight training can easily lead to injury, so please do some research on proper forms with each exercise. This part will be difficult and while it is important to push yourself, please be aware of what your limits are and ask for help when you need it because this process should have proceeded with caution!

Tip #5: Isolation of Glutes

To push your glutes to the MAX, you gotta target them directly when performing your booty exercises! Squats are tremendously associated with building your booty and are an amazing leg exercise. However, there are better exercises that aim more towards your gluteus maximus! Some exercises that exponentially push your booty are hip thrusts, glute kickbacks, hip abductions, etc. When performing these booty isolation exercises, be in control of your movements and do them slowly to make sure your booty is putting the WORK in! It is also important to work the muscles around the glutes as well, such as the hamstring and quads so that there will not be any muscle imbalances!


This is a game-changer ladies! At the beginning of my journey, I barely stretched and did not have the right amount of sleep because I did not think it was super important. I noticed that I was becoming more tired in every training session and feeling timid when I did not stretch. Most importantly, I was not seeing any muscle growth!! When quarantine started, I began to rest more and spent more time warming up and stretching! Stretching will help maintain your joint’s range of motion and prevent injuries from any exercise! Believe me, I feel better than I have ever been in my fitness journey!! Giving your body the necessary amount of rest, which is 8 hours of sleep, will give it the time it needs to recover from the hard work it has done all day! When your body enters the state of REM, it unlocks regeneration powers to your internal organs, tissues, and muscles! I have seen such a difference after proper rest and stretching, so please do not push it aside like how I did at the beginning!

Overall, your health and safety are of utmost importance so please take the time to find what works for you! Most importantly, take it slow and do not rush because you still have time before Hot Girl Summer! Also, don’t forget to tag @hercampussjsu if any of these tips helped with your booty gains!

To empower others through words. I am a junior at San Jose State University and pursuing a profession in Marketing! I love to share the many journeys I go through and the many lessons I've learned in my writing! Reading articles from empowering women gives me the strength to persevere in the competitive culture of business because of the support we give one another. Personally, what makes writing fulfilling to me is the inspiration, motivation, and knowledge I give others when I write about the lessons I've learned through the obstacles I've faced. Words are powerful, and writing is an art that I use to express myself and who I am. I am grateful to have a platform to share my story, and I hope you enjoy reading my articles :)
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