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As the semester progresses into the last few weeks of instruction and then onto finals, it is likely students are starting to feel burnt out when it comes to school. Burnout is a very real thing and you should never get upset at yourself for feeling it. 

Burnout can look different for everyone, but it generally consists of exhaustion and disengagement from school requirements. Here are five ways you can avoid burnout or help yourself work through it to finish this semester strong. 

  1. Rest 

Rest is probably the most obvious but in my opinion, it can be the most difficult. One of the hardest things about college is that there is always something else to do and our day, most likely is not complete when we leave class.

In our capitalistic society, productivity can be a measurement of how well someone is performing and we learn this at a young age. 

Rest is difficult because if not all assignments are complete or there is more studying to do, it can make one feel guilty for resting. As a result, the body does not get good rest. 

By setting aside time in the day to rest, guilt-free, the rest of your day will be more productive. I have implemented this in my life and have found it to be true. If I allow myself an hour nap after classes instead of pushing through being tired, I find that I stay more focused and get more done in the day. 

  1. Emotional Self-Care 

It is very easy to get caught up in the busy schedule that comes with school and taking care of yourself emotionally and mentally can be one of the first things that get procrastinated. 

Some easy ways you can practice emotional self-care can include: 

Being mindful of your surroundings.

  • For me this looks like not being on my phone when walking to class and making observations of the nature around me and finding peace in it. 

Take a second to ask your body what it needs. 

  • If you are maybe feeling moody, tired or anxious, ask yourself what you can do to change how you feel. 

Take in positive media. 

  • There is so much negative media that we have access to 24/7. Allow yourself to block it out in order to keep a positive mindset. 
  1. Time Management 

Time management in college is crucial to get everything done. Personally, I use a planner and a to do list to keep track of everything. Being able to cross something off when I have completed it is the best feeling, in my opinion. 

When I take time during the week to work ahead in my studies, it allows me to do something on the weekend that I enjoy and I don’t have to worry about the work I haven’t gotten done while doing other activities. 

  1. Healthy Habits 

Taking care of our bodies during times of high stress helps keep us healthy. Eating well sustains our bodies and allows us to perform better. This looks like eating whole foods and enjoying junk food in moderation. 

Set time in your schedule to work out. This semester has been extra busy for me, so most days I am only able to fit in a 30-minute walk. That is enough to help work the stress through my body and allow me to continue on with my day stress-free. 

  1. Utilize Campus Resources 

Finally, San Jose State University has resources on campus that are beneficial if you are struggling mentally or academically. 

Counseling and Psychological Services or CAPS  is a great resource offered through the Wellness Center. They offer mental health support in the form of personal counseling, clinical case management, group counseling and crisis intervention. All these services are free to SJSU students. 

If you are feeling like you are struggling in a class, SJSU offers a wide variety of tutoring options. Some options are, Peer Connections offer help in a wide variety of courses, the Writing Center can help you with all different types of writing and the Communication Center can help you prepare for any public speaking anxiety you have. 

Burnout can be a very difficult thing to deal with and it may feel like it is all too much to deal with, but offering yourself time and understanding will ultimately help you. 

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I am a 3rd year at San Jose State University pursuing a B.S. in Biology with a concentration in Microbiology and a minor in dance. I enjoy being in nature, taking photos, and reading in my free time.