New Year, No Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are a daunting subject. Every year most of us make a small or long list of things we wish to accomplish in the new year. This list usually sits untouched for months, until the holiday season rolls around again and you feel disappointed in yourself or discouraged for not sticking to them. 

You are not alone. New year's resolutions are not built to hold you accountable. In order to create resolutions that will stick, short term goal setting is the way to go. This article will guide you through short term goal setting to make changes within your lifestyle as easy as possible. 

So let's talk about goal setting!


1. Write 3 Main Goals

Looking at your long-term goals first will definitely help you understand what steps you should take to achieve them. Don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking too far ahead in the future, try to find three things that you can achieve within the calendar year such as getting better grades, more relaxation, to read more etc. 

For example, my three goals are to be more self reflective, manage my time better and to be more positive and live in the moment. 


2. For Each Goal You Set, List Three Possible Ways to Achieve Them.

By putting a plan of action to your goal, you will start to materialize your goal more. If you were to just leave it at step one, it doesn’t help you understand the plan of action or even where to go from there. Choose things that will make you happy and feel productive! 

Using my goals for example… In order to be more self reflective I can, 1. Journal more often, 2. Meditate, or 3. Plan more free time for myself to use to find hobbies or do other activities. 


3. Make a Plan! 

This is the most crucial part of goal setting! In order to hold yourself accountable and make a change in your life you need a game plan. Just like being on a sports team or in a class, you schedule time for practice or homework. Give yourself the same dedication! Your mental health and growth are just as, if not more, important! 

To create your plan, take the three possibilities you created in step two and pick your favorite! From there come up with a week to week plan of how you will incorporate this into your life. 

Continuing off my own example, I want to journal more often. So my game plan? I am going to keep a journal by my bed and at least three nights a week I will reflect on my day for however long or as little as I want. Some days it may be 5 minutes, other days it may be 15. The amount that I journal isn’t my goal, it is the act itself that is my goal. 


Goal setting isn’t something that is supposed to overwhelm you or discourage you. Goal setting is meant to breakdown the overwhelming things and take it day by day, to make your life a little less hectic. So try not to stress too much and if goal setting is for you than get to it! And if not, than ditch the resolutions and live on your own terms. 


Remember, you measure your own success, and goal setting should ultimately be leading to the much larger goal, self love and happiness.