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For people with a busy life and constantly on the run, this article is for you! Meal prepping, grocery shopping, so time consuming and lots of effort. Why be committed to something you know is not possible? The most common New Years resolution is weight loss and exercise for basically the past ten years, which means no one is sticking to it. I’ll share some of my lifestyle habits that changed my body and metabolism- some things quicker than others. You can lose weight healthy and by eating food as well. Why wouldn’t you want to improve your body?

1. Drink tons of water!

Sometimes your body thinks you’re hungry, but you are actually thirsty. Drinking water or low calorie drinks can make you feel fuller longer. Just jump for the bags a chips because your body probably just wanted some water. Another great tip with water is to drink one cup 30 minutes before every meal which makes you feel fuller meaning you eat a smaller portion of your meal. Add lemon or apple cider vinegar for taste and more of a detox.


2. Snack time!

Be cautious about when and what you eat for your snacks. You should have a small snack, not a meal. Aim for about 100 calorie snacks between meals. Don’t eat your snacks in front of the TV because that is when your “diet” will go off course. Snack time is also not something you should have after supper, but you can have a healthy snack like fruit or a handful of nuts.


3. Don’t restrict!

Enjoy your favorite foods in moderation. When you limit or restrict these foods, you are going to binge heavily once you go to eat that bag of chips, or chocolate cake. Binging leads to weight gain, and we do not want that.


4. Eat several small meals

I eat about five meals a day, smaller meals and supper tends to be a little heavier and more filling. This practice allows yourself to teach your body how to control your appetite. Dinner should be the last thing you eat! Each major meal contains a portion of protein which preserves muscle mass and encourages fat burning. Some things I promote are foods such as eggs, yogurt, nuts, and cheese that are good, filling snacks.


5. Stock up!

Stock up your fridge and cabinets with healthy low fattening foods. When you have healthy food accessible, you eat healthier. If you are lazy like me, I will go for anything easier to grab and go, so instead of the sugary cereal bars, I started eating Think Thin Protein Bars which literally tastes like candy or Nature Valley Cereal Bars. Small changes in your cabinet can make a huge difference in your metabolism. If frozen dinners are your thing, freeze fruit! It is so quick and easy to throw into a blender or just eat on the go!


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