7 Ways to Keep your Long Distance Relationship Spark!

Long distance relationships are difficult but that doesn't mean they are impossible. Your family and friends may discourage the relationship to prevent you from being hurt if it ends up not working out. But don’t stop there, the reality is this won’t be easy, but it is possible. The downside, you may feel sad and lonely but the upside is you both will begin to appreciate the little things we may have taken advantage of from seeing each other every day. Things such as a kiss on the forehead, having lunch together, holding each other’s hand, working out together, watching television together or eating in person together. The things we commonly did together, now mean so much more because we don’t do them regularly.

Long distance relationships are rough, but they can make your relationship stronger. Keep your spark alive, these are the 7 tips to make your long distance relationship work.


1. Talking too much may be too much


The biggest myth about long distance relationships is because your partner and yourself are no longer able to see each other every day that you need to compensate for the distance between the both of you.  This can be a deal breaker for either you or your partner, there is no need to talk every minute of the day to keep your relationship together. This can actually be labeled as possessive and annoying. Same thing goes for facetime calls, you don’t need to facetime every day, make it something special.

2. Learn communication

Talking 24/7 may be too much, but in order to remain in a relationship, you must talk. Simple good morning and good night text are important and really enough since your partner and yourself may be busy. You can send video clips of yourself, random selfies, and even flirty pictures (if you are into that).  Doing little things to just show the other person appreciation and love.


3. This can make you stronger or be a realization

Being apart can either make your relationship stronger or make the both of you realize that you guys aren’t meant for each other. Both instances are great for the both of you. You can’t force love, and when being apart from it really tests the love between the two of you. The distance shouldn’t be thought of separating you two, but building the bond and energy you share; that is all love is. So don’t be sad, don’t force talking to each other and don’t force being extremely lovey, let it flow and let nature do its thing.  

4. Visit each other


If it is possible, make visits! They don’t have to be frequent but I guarantee they will be special! All the anticipation has been boiling over time and all that excitement has been contained until you finally see your partner. All over again it’s like seeing them for the first time and butterflies and fireworks and sparks will be flying everywhere. Show your partner around where you have been living or just do what you guys normally do and I bet it will feel amazing!


5.Don’t forget to love yourself


You may be missing your partner, but don’t make that stop you from living life. Spend time with friends, family, and most importantly yourself. Once you and your partner are together again, you’re going to want to make sure you were able to learn about yourself. Join clubs, do new hobbies, go to the gym, read a new book and go out with friends and families.  No doubt you love your partner, but it’s not healthy to make your life surrounded by them. It doesn’t feel good on their end and eventually won’t feel good on yours either.

6. Honesty is the policy!


Being without your partner can be hard, especially since they are considered your best friend and when in need of help you go to them.  Do not let the distance be a factor in not going to them for support. You can. Talk about your feelings, your fears or insecurities; express them to either be supported and reassured or find out they have the same feelings and work through it together. Do not try to deal with things yourself, that is why you have a partner, they may be far but they are still there. Problems do not go away with time, they go away with solutions, don’t wait too long, reach out work it out as a team!

7. Good Vibes only

Constantly expressing your fears to your partner like,” you are going to cheat on me”, “do you still love me?” and other questions can be considered clingy and stressful. Remember to add to your partner rather than subtract. Be positive about each other to keep it alive. Some days may be hard, you may feel alone, and missing your partner but remind yourself you’re not waiting in line for just anything, you are waiting to live with the love of your life. Remember to be thankful, thankful to have someone so special to wait for, that loves you in return. Be thankful they are safe and healthy and doing well in their career or in school. Be thankful you have someone to go to in time of need. Be thankful. Be positive and just love.