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5 Easy Ways to Combat Finals Stress

Finals week is my least favorite week. It’s the week that makes me regret skipping French class for an extra 20 minutes of sleep, or demands that I remember all the phases of mitosis that we haven’t gone over since January.  With finals being around the corner, I can already feel the stress gradually overtaking my body. Here are 5 ways to de-stress before your finals.

1. Make a relaxing playlist

I know of some people who need absolute silence while studying. I am not one of those people. Turn on some relaxing music if you want to de-stress or belt musicals and just sing it out. I know I’ll be belting out “Bad Idea” from Waitress the Musical for the next 2 weeks or so.


2. Exercise

Pull out the yoga mat, go for a run, it doesn’t matter what you choose! Exercising is a great way to tame your worries.


3. Diffuse Some Oils!

I am obsessed with essential oils! Try diffusing lavender, or eucalyptus. I find those to help me relax the most. If you don’t have a diffuser, trying lighting a candle.


4. Take a Hot Shower

People underestimate the power of a hot shower.  Whenever I am stressed out, I take a scorching hot shower and sing my worries away (yes, even in a communal bathroom, I have no shame in my game). The hot water makes my body feel less tense and I always feel refreshed and ready to study.


5. Watch an episode of your favorite show!


Alright, if you’re going to do this one, take heed: Do not binge watch. Do this only after you study for a while, and reward yourself with an episode of The Office, Parks & Rec or whatever you’re watching. Laughing for a little bit will help ease the stress that comes along with finals week.


Lastly, don’t stress too much, my friends! Everything will be alright… I think.



Jessica Becerra is a sophomore at Simmons College. Although currently majoring in Psychology, Jessica aspires to be an elementary school teacher. When not writing for HerCampus Jessica can be found studying, exploring new places, and binge watching The Office.
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