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How to Survive Until the End of the Semester

With finals just around the corner, that means that the semester is winding down fast and that also means a lot of stress. Even though it may not seem like it, there are ways to survive the semester with all of the work that you still have left.

Prioritizing is the key to getting all of your work done. Being able to use your time management skills and figuring out what absolutely needs to get done first is important. Once you start checking things off, it can make you feel so much better and that you are accomplishing so much.

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Another thing is taking breaks from doing work or studying. Allowing yourself to take breaks is important so that you do not fry your brain. This also helps you be more productive in the end because you are not putting the pressure on your brain to finish something in a number of hours.

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Also, relaxing can help tremendously; self-care, with all of the stress that the end of the semester brings us, is very important. If you find yourself being super-stressed one day just stop working for a while and treat yourself to something that will make you feel a lot better. Taking care of yourself is more important than your grades.

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Please try to have a nice end of the semester and try not to stress too much!

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