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How to Cope with Stress in College

It is inevitable. You will get stressed in college. Whether it’s your freshman year or your senior year, you will have stressor after stressor added onto your plate. Stop searching the web for “jobs after drop out” because you can get through this! Here are five ways I learned to cope with stress in college.


1. Exercise/yoga

Okay, okay, you may be saying that the last thing you want to do is work out, but I swear it helps. Whether you know what you’re doing or not, just going for a run will help release endorphins. Endorphins are natural pain and stress relievers! It is not uncommon to have trouble sleeping when you are stressed so one quick workout will help you sleep at night too. If the gym is not your thing, try yoga! Many college campuses have yoga classes and if not, find one off-campus (don’t forget to ask for a student discount). If you are on a budget and your campus does not offer yoga classes, find a friend and do some stretching to your favorite tunes. This is guaranteed to help you feel calm and collected.

2. Get off campus

Sometimes, one of the greatest things to cope with stress in college is to get away. Usually, you spend a lot of time on your campus, so why not take a day to be in a new setting? If you don’t have a car, buy a friend a coffee and convince them to go with you, or take the local bus. Leave your problems behind and go to the park, mall, out to eat, anything that gets you away!

3. Netflix

Netflix and chillax? I’m serious, if you are stressed take some time to watch your favorite show, or even a movie, depending on how much time you have. Getting your mind off of your stress will help you think more clearly when you go to do important things.

4. Write it out

Do you have a million things on your mind? Write them down. Get it out. When you see it on paper you may realize your list is not as long as you thought! One by one, complete those tasks and cross them off. If you are not stressed about tasks, but instead work or relationships or whatever it may be, writing it out can still help you get things down on paper. This will help you pinpoint what to focus on and what to go back to later!

5. Call home

Family is everything. Friends can even be your family. When I’m stressed, my number one go-to is to phone home. Talking to your parents or a friend from home helps you feel grounded and brings your spirits up. There is something about talking to someone from your hometown that gives you such a mental boost. They remind you about what is important and how strong you really are.

Just remember you can do this! And if all else fails… look up dog memes! 

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