Women’s guide to public gyms

The gym can sound like a dreadful, smelly, unattractive setting to many people who’ve never been. It can be the number one place to avoid, for women especially, for reasons like the thought of douchebag meat heads gawking at you while you squat, the odd places you may sweat, the awkward exercise positions, etc. But it’s time to know that there’s nothing to really fear when it comes to this place, and spill the tea on what really goes on at the gym from a woman’s  

What to bring:

There are some people who take nothing at all with them to the gym, but in my opinion, there are a few essentials you will need to bring to your workout: A water bottle, earphones, phone, and any extras like a resistance band or jump rope (Your hair should already be tied up before leaving the house, so I didn’t include a scrunchie). Packing water with you is a must because you will get tired and thirsty, and if you are on a machine that counts your burned calories, then it will cater to your convenience to avoid losing your progress. If you’re anything like me, and literally cannot focus exercising without your music, then definitely never forget your earphones! If it’s your first time dabbling into the world of fitness and you’re not sure if you need music, I would recommend it anyway because just the right tempo can keep you going at a consistent rate and motivate you. Also, if your sweat is much more excessive than the average Joe, then a small towel will be great to take as well.

What to expect from the males:

A popular concern is how men behave at the gym, and if they’ll stare at you too much. I have great news- it’s usually nothing like that! When you first step inside and do your thing it may feel like all eyes are on you, but the beautiful thing about the gym is everyone is in their own little world, and frankly too busy to be looking at you at all. Another wonderful thing, is that the gym is one of those places where everyone shares a common interest and goal, which is the desire to build a better version of themselves, and get healthy. Now, I’m not going to lie, there is a small possibility that some brave soul approaches and hits on you, but that chance is pretty low unless your gym outfit just looks THAT good. When it comes to the weight area, a few might look at you for a second, but that’s probably because they’re just surprised to see a female there, which is OK because that’s when we prove we can kick ass at lifting too. Overall, they’re nothing to avoid the gym over, and they will leave you alone.

Don’t be afraid to lift weights:

A common misconception is weight-lifting is for bodybuilders, or is only a masculine thing and that is in fact, not true. Weights vary from low to high, can even be adjustable on a machine and are used to build the arms, glutes, core and legs. So, if you’re looking to grow a bigger butt, you can use weights for that! They’re not just used to target your biceps and can even help your breast size when using a machine. If you choose to focus on your arms, you will not have to worry about becoming bulky, especially if you lift 2lb dumbbells. Low weights can actually help you maintain your arms if you are fine with the size and just want to tone up.

Have fun!:

If it’s your first time, expect to get tired pretty easily, but don’t let that discourage you! The first few times will not be a cake walk but after that you'll get the hang of it. Working out is supposed to make you feel good afterwards, and is a great start or end to your day, even if it costs sweat spots everywhere because trust me, no one will focus on those. Have fun!