5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Workout

At the start of a new year, everyone always has the resolution to get healthy, work out, lose weight, and all that jazz. But with such an intense cold snap going on and school starting back up, it can definitely be hard to find the motivation to go the gym or eat healthy when all you want is to sleep and eat microwaveable mac and cheese. Here are a few tips to motivate you to get up, get active, and get healthy. 



1. Find a workout that you enjoy

It’s important when you’re working out to figure out what you enjoy. I know it’s tempting to just follow what everyone else is doing and assume you need to be lifting weights or running on the treadmill-- but you don’t. Find what works for you. Maybe you prefer the calm yet challenging yoga flow. Maybe you love feeling the burn in your arms as you lift dumbbells. Find what you really enjoy in a workout and it will motivate you to get up and exercise. 

2. Remember you don’t always have to leave the house

If gyms aren’t your thing, there are tons of online workouts you could do in the comfort of your own space. Grab a yoga mat and do some at home workouts if you can’t be bothered to leave your house in this cold weather. It doesn’t matter where you are as long as you are moving your body.

3. Make your gym clothes cute and visible

Maybe it’s just me, but the cuter my gym clothes are, the more I am excited to work out. Buy gym clothes you feel cute in and make sure they are within your line of sight. Set out your gym outfit the night before, so when you wake up the next morning, you have an instant reminder that you need to work out.

4. Create a fitness inspiration board

No, I don’t mean find a bunch of hot Instagram influencers and idolize their bodies on a board. Create a board with inspiring quotes and fitness goals that you look at every day, maybe you have a goal to drink 8 glasses of water a day-- put it on the board. Maybe your goal is to be able to do a split one day-- put it on the board. Putting your goals in front of you will make you more likely to put more effort into achieving them. 

5. Express gratitude for your body

Lastly, don’t go into your workout thinking of how much you hate going to the gym, how much you hate crunches, how much you’re dreading being sore the next day, etc. Instead of complaining, be grateful that you are able to work out. Be grateful for your legs and your arms and your blood pumping through your veins and that accelerating heartbeat. Your body is always working so hard to keep you alive and healthy, think of working out as a way to give back to your body for all it does for you.