Sewanee Students' Homes Away From Home

Following a relaxing and much needed Thanksgiving Break, many Sewanee students were eager to return to the Mountain for the remainder of the Advent 2016 semester. While there may be no place like home, students at Sewanee remarkably transformed the plain dorm rooms across campus into meticulous and charming places to live for this academic year. Here are some of the places that several Sewanee students came home to this week. 


Sara Thompson C'19

Quintard Hall 

Evelyn Ahnrud C'17

Theta Pi House

Bonnie Parrott and Heidi Hayne C'20

Benedict Hall

Arthur Speck and Merrick Brown C'19

Trezevant Hall 

Whether you consider your hometown or The Domain to be your true 'home', Sewanee is undoubtably a beloved and cherished place to come home to after a break.