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All About Mooney’s Market and the Crescent Cafe

Last year one of my best friends introduced me to the lovely and incredible Mooney’s Market and its vegetarian café: The Crescent Café.

When you first walk into the store you see a wide array of healthy, organic food (vegetarian and gluten free friendly!) stacked along a few shelves, as well as the cashier desk sprinkled with beautiful jewelry and crystals. As you walk towards the end of that room you can find health items such as herbal medicine, essential oils, and other environmentally friendly items.  


The second room has decorative items such as stickers, t-shirts, incents, and a bunch of hippie-esque cards.


The third room has an insanely beautiful collection of tons of antiques!

Another room is full of gorgeous potted plants, ranging from flowers to cacti, to ferns, (perfect to bring some life into your hospital lit dorm room) and other outside decorations.

The last room before entering an indoor porch (perfect for eating your food from the café on a cold or rainy day), has so many hand knit scarves and shawls, plus yarn in every color, style, and fabric you can think of.


After exploring the shop a little, you can step back outside to the Crescent Café and get the food you ordered and enjoy it outside. Here is a brief description of the menu:


?3 different smoothies (my favorite is the Coco-Loco, it tastes exactly like a peanut butter and chocolate milkshake so you really can’t go wrong)

?A wrap (this changes every week, and after every single time you have a new one you go home saying “this is my favorite wrap”)

?2 juices

?kale salad (which can be made into a wrap)


What makes the Crescent Café even more amazing is that almost everything on the menu is customizable. For example, if you are allergic to peanuts, you could get the Coco Loco with an alternative nut butter. Nearly everything can be made gluten free as well, even the wraps!! You can also get any additional protein powder (there are 3 types), flax seed, or chia seed added to the smoothies and avocado added to your salad (you know, if you like to be extra). The café is a wonderful break from McClurg, because we do eat there 3 times a day, every day, and if you’re a vegan hippie (like me) or have allergies, this place couldn’t be more perfect.

The seating area right in front of the café has cute picnic tables that you can sit at with your friends (and make take an impromptu Instagram photoshoot) and fun outdoor antiques to radiate a café vibe on a sunny day.

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