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Women Shouldn’t be Afraid of the Weight Room

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Seton Hall chapter.

The stigma of the Walsh gym needs to go.  All too often I hear girls complain about the fact that they would love to learn how to lift, but are too intimidated by all the guys in the weightroom to try it.  This is ridiculous.

Working out is by no means a gendered thing.  When I was in high school, instead of taking a gym class I took Advanced Weight Training everyday because I was an athlete.  So usually when I work out, I lift.  I don’t do anything crazy, just enough to stay in shape.  But still I ventured into the weight room and lived to tell the tale.  

Here’s the tale: I walked in, I worked out, I left.  It’s not like the boys working out are going to attack you.  In fact, you are generally ignored considering everyone else is just trying to get thier workout in before they have to get back to classes or school work.

So ladies, put aside your fear and hit the gym the way you want to!

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