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30 Reminders for Self Care

Self-care is something that I try to practice every single day. Even if it comes in the smallest form anything that makes me feel good and better about myself is not only helpful for my mental being, but my emotional being as well. The thing about self-care is that it’s different for everyone. Here are just some reminders of what I believe self-care is:


1. Taking care of your body: working out, relaxing with a facemask on, eating healthy, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, being good to your skin, etc.

2. Giving yourself pep talks. “YOU can do this!”

3. Finding things that you love about yourself and EMBRACING it.

4. Checking everything off your to-do list.

5. Texting/calling your friends and socializing more.

6. Staying in, being a hermit, and catching up on Netflix.

7. Going out with friends!

8. Removing toxic people out of your life.

9. Being up to date on all of your assignments and classwork.

10. Cleaning/organizing your closet/room/bed/desk, etc.

11. Going to the movies on your own and having a bucket of popcorn all to yourself.

12. Reading a book/finally finishing the book you’ve been putting off.

13. Applying to that job/internship because you’re too afraid to or have been procrastinating on doing.

14. Buying those cute new pair of shoes because you felt like a QUEEN in them.

15. Voicing your own honest opinions even if others don’t agree.

16. Standing up for yourself when someone is trying to put you down.

17. Taking a nice, warm bubble bath, lighting a scented candle, and listening to your favorite tunes.

18. Spending more time around the people you love.

19. Surrounding yourself around like-minded people.

20. Learning from your mistakes and owning up to it.

21. Meditating and centering your chakras.

22. Spending less time on social media.

23. Bullet-journaling.

24. Jamming out to Cardi B like no one’s business.

25. Going for a walk and/or bringing your dog with you.

26. Striking a conversation with that cutie you’ve been crushing on for far too long.

27. Seeking help when you need it.

28. Finishing a project that you started and forgot about.

29. Being unapologetically yourself.

30. Taking risks outside of your comfort zone.


These are only a few things that I believe are acts of self-care. The list could go on! Putting yourself first doesn’t mean you’re being selfish, it’s making sure you are your best YOU. I find it extremely important to take the time to think of what makes you happiest and what will push you to be the person you want to be. The next time you’re feeling off balance or stressed out, make a list of things you enjoy doing/makes you feel good because that in itself is self-care!

Marianne Datu is a senior journalism student at Seton Hall University. She started writing for her high school newspaper during her senior year and was also named editor-in-chief. Her love for journalism stems from her innate desire to write and learn new things. During her time at SHU, she was a staff writer for the school's newspaper, The Setonian, for two years and is currently a staff writer for Spoon University. Her goal is to become an entertainment reporter and work for publications like The New Yorker, New York Times and Refinery29. In her free time, she's either watching Younger reruns, listening to Frank Ocean, bulletjournaling, or nose-deep in a good book. 
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