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11 Signs its Finals Week at SU

1. The caffeine intake is taken to a whole new level.


Be right back, I’m off to The Byte.

2. Say hello to yoga pants, leggings, hoodies and sweats

No one has time for planned outfits—not today, sir.

3. The library is packed to the brim and finding a place to sit is rare

4. The Cave starts to become completely barren

5. Conversations are cut short

6. Except for the eateries and the library, the campus is empty

7. Your “hangouts” are actually support groups study groups

8. You can definitely find a person napping in a study room—or anywhere on campus

9. “I’m tired” is what you’ll hear the most

10.  You find yourself getting annoyed when someone takes your favorite study spot

11. And at last, you finally see smiles from people as they walk out of their last final

On behalf of the Her Campus Seattle U team, we wish you the best during finals week!

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