How to Incorporate Mindfulness & Meditation into Your Daily Routine

Mindfulness and meditation can seem intimidating at first, but it is actually a lot easier than you may think! In a few simple steps that only take a few minutes out of your day, you too can become a master at being more mindful and present.


Being mindful and present is so beneficial for your mental and physical health. When practiced regularly, meditation and other mindfulness exercises have been proven to improve sleep, decrease anxiety, negative emotions, and even help easing depression. The mind is a powerful thing that can directly control how we feel on the outside. While negative thoughts and emotions are inevitable and normal, an excessive amount of them can cloud our head space and make it hard to focus and be happy. I personally have struggled with anxiety and depression throughout my life, and since learning mindfulness techniques and using meditation tools I have noticed a significant change in my overall mindset.


One of my favorite mindfulness exercises can be done anywhere. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, take a second to take a step back and pick a color that you see in your surroundings. Once you choose a color, identify five different things around you that are also that color, and focus on them and what they look like. This helps bring your mind and body to the present, observing your surroundings can help calm you and ground your thoughts and mind. It is super easy and is extremely helpful in moments of panic or stress.


Another great way to practice mindfulness is to take mindful walks. This can be done easily while walking from class to class during the day. Instead of being on your phone, put it away and instead focus on your surroundings. Be sure to make mental note of all of sounds and sights around you as well as observe the people around you. Some of my favorite places to take mindful walks on campus are by the turtle pond, as this time of year there are tons of beautiful flowers that not only look pretty but smell good too! The running water of the pond can also be very soothing and help clear your head, putting you in the present moment.


When it comes to winding down for the day, try a guided meditation app. Some of my favorites are calm, head space and peace. They all offer short beginner guided meditation, as well as nature sounds and soothing music that can help you de-stress or fall asleep.


College is stressful, but by adding these exercises into your daily routine, you can help keep yourself calm and present.